How Did You Fair During The Recession (2008-2009)?

Franchise Success


While the service industry talked about surviving the 2008-2009 housing meltdown, which saw countless independent operators exit the business, MARBLELIFE® did not just survive but sought to make lemonade from economic lemons.  Our offices were provided guidance on which segments were investing, so they could shift target business in the most receptive segments.  New services targeting health related needs were introduced accelerating the businesses expansion into ceramic and vinyl services, allowing operators to explore new segments and broaden their base.



Meanwhile, long term investments in building out web infrastructure were paying off, as our lead flow continued to grow from 2006 to 2018 by 20% or more every year but one.  In 2014 as we update this our lead flow is up 35%.


Lead analysis tools were introduced to more rapidly assess lead source investments and to adjust around the country, allowing our operators to weather the markets well. Our offices continue to expand their services and are growing.  While independents were forced to scramble on their own, our franchisees benefited from our central R&D and marketing developments and testing, and the experiences and successes of each office.  In fact, we continued to grow leads right through the recession.


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