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If you have arrived here, you are looking to make a change in your life, an investment in your future, that allows you to translate your efforts and energy into a payoff for your family. Welcome to MARBLELIFE ®. We are in the business of delivering “WOW” results to our clients. When our team completes a project there is no doubt as to the value we have created. It is visually apparent, and impressive, and generally comes at small fraction of the alternative, and results in both a greener outcome for their lives and their pocketbooks. Whether restoring a marble floor from dull and dingy to its original high gloss appearance, or eliminating stained grout not just by cleaning, but by addressing the root cause so that it is gone for good. Converting concrete from a powdery surface to mirror reflecting surface that reduces dusting. Artfully restoring terrazzo damage and cracks so they blend into the background restoring a beautiful appearance. Today we are the largest network of certified craftsmen in North America.


Are You A Good Fit?


Are you looking for a business you can be proud of?  A business that can deliver customer “WOW” visual results with solid margins, rising demand, plus the support a new business owner needs to launch? Then you are a fit.  Give us a call and explore what your life might be life as a MARBLELIFE business owner.


What Are The Start-up Costs?


Low-risk, high-gross margin, service-based franchise opportunities are in high demand, and MARBLELIFE® is one of the best. Smart entrepreneurs are locking down available MARBLELIFE® territories to secure their careers and financial futures.

Franchise Fee: Starts at $15,000
Standard Equipment Package:  $16,000

A Marblelife Franchise Developer is happy to answer your questions. Be sure to ask your Franchise Developer about financing options like 401K roll-overs, IRA, SBA loans, unsecured lines of credit and credit card financing.  You will also discuss the other details of your investment with your Franchise Developer as this part of the investment will vary from franchisee to franchisee.


While we are the largest network of certified craftsman in North America, we still have open markets, and are still looking to add a few more partners. If you can imagine yourself proudly delivering this type of a WOW to your client, give as a call (888) 991-3050.


Start-up costs

Whether you're starting from scratch with the purchase of new equipment, vehicles, supplies, and marketing expenses, or simply rebranding your current business, we'll help you calculate an investment based on your needs.


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