What Services Do We Provide?


MARBLELIFE® doesn’t just restore stone. We clean, repair, restore, maintain and care for each hard surface in the home and the workplace in such a manner as to enhance building health, safety and appearances.


What began with a focus on marble restoration has expanded to address all building hard surface restoration, maintenance and care. Including concrete, ceramic, marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine and slate.  MARBLELIFE’s core competencies in grinding technology, cleaning and sealing sciences, coupled with a commitment not to simply address the observable symptom but to understand the root cause, so that a MARBLELIFE solution not only fixes the problem but can assist in preventing it from re-occurring.  This commitment has resulted in an ever expanding array of services and skills.


Where others see a hard surface restoration company, MARBLELIFE sees itself as a science company developing solutions designed to enhance the relationship between people, their buildings and their business.


This commitment has resulted in an ever expanding array of services and skills.


Marblelife Stone Services


Stone & Tile Cleaning – Sure we clean floors, however where this is the end for many service providers, this is simply the beginning for a MARBLELIFE franchise.  Understanding the appropriate and safe cleaner is often the first step in preventing a re-occurrence.  (Just try and clean a marble floor with an acidic tile cleaner).  We are not in the janitorial business, but our solutions make the life of every janitorial company easier and more profitable, such that we partner with janitorial companies around the country. 20% of our residential work is required due to the use of an inappropriate cleaner.


Stone Restoration – After assessing the building’s condition and causes, we address chip and cracks in a manner that enables the repair to be blended with the natural appearance of the stone. The stone may then be ground level to eliminate lippage, before being honed to remove scratches, then polished to restore its original or requested luster, sealed to resist staining, and hardened to resist wear.  A lot goes into properly restoring a stone floor.  Done properly the results are spectacular and readily apparent



Tile & Grout Restoration & Care – Were most companies talk about cleaning, we talk about restoring.  A clear understanding as to why most tile floors appear stained within 6 months of installation, enables MARBLELIFE to not just clean, but to restore a tile and grout floor to BETTER than new.


That may be a bold statement, but in 85% of our tile and grout calls we leave behind a floor this is properly protected for the first time, and more color consistency than when it was first installed, and surface that will not re-stain.


This results in ecstatic clients, and appreciative housekeeper and building maintenance staffs who now have an easier to maintain surface, and reduction in pressure to “clean” areas that will not improve without proper services.


So what happens on the other 15%, all that was needed was indeed a simple cleaning, which we can do to.


Once properly restored, dirt is trapped above the tile and grout where it is easier to remove.  How good a service is this?  Typically if a client calls to indicate that floor is looking dirty, they can restore it to brand new with a water and paper towel, though we are happy to clean it for them.



Concrete and Terrazzo Restoration – Man-made surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo and agglomerate represent their own unique challenges and needs.  The tools required here can vary depending on the hardness of the surface.  Repairs are more complex as each element – the matrix, stone type, stone size, stone ratio – must be accounted for to affect a beautiful repair that blends in, versus the standard haphazard concrete patch so often seen. See a concrete patch, that is a future MARBLELIFE Customer.


Virtually every building in North America begins with concrete.  The development of concrete polishing and care systems, has made polished concrete the fastest growing floor surface type in North America.


Stone, Concrete & Terrazzo Maintenance – Not only does MARBLELIFE® participate in this segment, but we revel in the knowledge that as long as people are walking on floors they are being worn, and will need to be maintained, something we do exceedingly well.  Even in difficult markets, as long as one home or building is built, the installed base in need of periodic maintenance has increased, as has the demand for our services.


High traffic buildings such as hotels, office building, schools, medical buildings, government buildings, and airports all require periodic care in order to avoid major and expensive restoration.  Whenever a restoration is required, we have a customer who will benefit from a periodic maintenance program.


Not only is maintenance less expensive than periodic restoration, but it maintains a beautifully maintained floor appearance year round.  MARBLELIFE® has been maintaining properties in this manner for over 3 decades, with multiple buildings in our portfolio that have not needed to be restored in over 15 years.


We are so confident in our processes that we will guarantee that


"If MARBLELIFE is maintaining your floors, you will never need to restore them again."


Vinyl Restoration & Maintenance:
We are all familiar with the need to wax vinyl to maintain a gloss.  While we CAN do this, we are in the business of eliminating this archaic, ineffective and wasteful process.


MARBLELIFE can apply protective treatments that do not scuff, do not require buffing, and are durable enough to go a full year between servicing, saving our clients 30% of the floor care costs each year, not to mention avoiding the waste associated with stripping and re-applying waxes.


Stain Removal: 
If you have a porous untreated stone or other surface, it will get stained.  Stains can be removed, but it is far more cost effective to apply a preventive seal periodically, forever linking our sealing and stain removal services.


What does all this mean for a prospective MARBLELIFE® franchisee?
With a wide array of solutions, virtually every building host a prospective client. With the ongoing support of MARBLELIFE’s R&D and Marketing groups the opportunities to build your business and numerous and ever expanding. There are so many targets, MARBLELIFE even trains on where we should focus our energy for superior returns.