Who Makes A Good Marblelife Franchise Owner?


Successful Marblelife franchisees and office managers share several things in common:


    • A Commitment to Quality – Our business owners are committed to delivering what they promised.  This is a “WOW” business.  When we are done each customer can clearly see a dramatic result.  Our before and afters are exceptional.  Assuring our customers receive the on-time, quality service promised is a key to every business, and every referral.


    • A Commitment to Customer Service – A willingness to listen to the client, provide them a solution they understand, and deliver what they seek on-time.  A desire to delight each customer.


    • Good Organizational Skills – Whether talking about job schedules, sales estimate schedules, or inventory, every business requires some organizational skills.


    • Ability to Implement and Follow a System – Every business owner has a can-do attitude, and a belief they can build a business.  MARBLELIFE® provides a systematic approach to your business based on time tested lessons and learning.  While we are always looking for ways to improve, our goal is to provide the client a consistent predictable result that can be replicated with each craftsman trained and certified to represent the MARBLELIFE brand. A MARBLELIFE Franchise owner needs to implement each system.


    • Willingness to market your business – Every business must communicate with the clients it intends to serve.  You don’t have to be a marketing expert, or even knowledgeable in marketing, but you have to be willing to market.  We can provide you guidance on how to market your business in your market area.


As a MARBLELIFE® franchise you don’t have to be in business by yourself. A desire to build a business that will provide a quality service, take care of their customers and employees, based on a systematic approach is your greatest ingredient.

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