MARBLELIFE® Franchise Opportunity

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MARBLELIFE Stone Restoration Franchise Opportunity

MARBLELIFE® is the largest hard surface (stone, tile, grout and concrete) and stone restoration franchise in North America.  Based out of Sanford, Florida (just North of Orlando), with franchisees in place covering more than 50% of the population in North America, there remain key open markets before we reach full coverage in North America.  With more than 25 years (since 1989) experience solving problems and developing unique solutions MARBLELIFE® has made significant contributions to making people’s homes and workplaces cleaner, healthier, safer and beautiful again. We began by developing restoration, maintenance and care solutions for marble surfaces.  Today, we efficiently restore, seal, maintain and care for marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, concrete, ceramic and their associated grout surfaces.  Today we are the largest and fastest growing hard surface restoration, maintenance and care organization in North America, and are expanding abroad with operations in Dubai, Grand Cayman, and the Bahamas.

“Whether one house is built or millions the installed base of stone, tile, and concrete increase, and with it the demand for restoration, maintenance and care.” Marblelife lead generation has grown by 20% a year since 2006, right through the housing meltdown of 2008, and today.”

Our franchise owners are committed to providing our customers not just “wow” results, but doing so in a timely, professional, safe, clean manner.  We have built the business on the basis of defining the root cause and developing solutions that correct the core problem, versus simply addressing the symptom.  Our customers and clients have come to rely on Marblelife as a partner in the management of their buildings and properties. It’s a large market, with few trained craftsman.  In fact, there are more plumbers in the city of Detroit, then trained stone craftsman in the entire country, meaning that our services are in demand, with few who fully understand the need, and techniques to resolve the problem.  We are blessed with solutions that are clearly recognizable as “Wow” moments by our customers.  It’s not just cleaned and restored, but dazzlingly beautiful when completed.  You will not want for a good feeling with the completion of each job and project.

Call Today! Phone: (888) 991-3050

Ready To Join Our Team?

Unlike many service businesses a recession simply slows the growth of demand, for if but one sqft of additional tile is installed, or one building is built, unless people stop walking on floors, those hard surfaces are still wearing and the demand for our services is growing.  With the recognition that indoor environments can contain more health hazards than the fresh air outdoors, the attention to maintaining a clean, easy to maintain, healthy indoor environment has never been greater.  MARBLELIFE®’s portfolio of solutions and services address this need.  Sure we are known for restoring marble to its original pristine and beautiful appearance, and taking on granite and terrazzo restorations that untrained independents are afraid to approach, but we also work with hospitals to reduce secondary infections through our tile restorations designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering otherwise porous grout, or our efforts to replace waxes with semi-permanent treatments that eliminate the need for buffing and scuffing.


With numerous fly-by-night operators seeking to through down a little polish, and take a client’s money, clients are understandably nervous when dealing with the service industry.  MARBLELIFE® did not grow the largest network of trained craftsman without attention to quality, timely service and the details that put a client at ease, and encourage them to spread the word as a result of their experience.


MARBLELIFE® technicians get the job done and look and act professional while doing it. They can approach every job with confidence based on the best and most thorough training and ongoing training in the industry, supported by an R&D department that is constantly revising, updating and advancing our techniques, and solutions to new market offerings.    With more than 25 years of experience, they can afford to be confident regardless of the client’s need.  MARBLELIFE® has already experienced it, and likely developed a solution for it. MARBLELIFE® has the best and most trustworthy reputation in the industry. When customers hire MARBLELIFE®, highly trained, appropriately dressed, punctual, courteous professionals show up at their doors on time, and they deliver the results as promised.

Getting Started

Every business owner has a story about how they got started, and what it took to be successful.  What they all have in common is an entrepreneurial spirit, and the drive and determination to be successful.  It doesn’t require a lot of experience or money to get started. MARBLELIFE® provides the training with an initial two-week training session in Lake Mary, Florida. You can start your MARBLELIFE® business with a $15,000 start-up equipment package, plus your franchise fee which varies based on territory size. Even then as the market changes. or techniques are advanced, you have the support and guidance of the parent franchise. Training continues through our ongoing support, so that you are never in it by yourself, making it easy to walk into a new building with confidence. It all adds up to a rock-solid business opportunity for our franchise owners. We continue to develop and build out our services.  You never have to pay any further fees to access each new service or development.  Our drive is building our mutual business.  As your sales grow, the franchisor grows, as such, we are closely aligned to your success.  Everything we do in developing and refining our products, services and professionalism are designed to meet this goal. If you are looking for a business opportunity that will provide a unique opportunity, the support you need to get started, and the knowledge that you have a team working to continue to build out offerings and marketing support, MARBLELIFE® is your opportunity.