Marketing Support

You are likely familiar with the statement “Nothing happens until something is sold.”  We take it a step further, believing “Nothing is sold until a marketing lead is generated.”  We are constantly researching new lead sources, lead tools and marketing strategies.  Our financial well being is linked to each of our franchisee’s.  Our business grows when your sales grow.  We want growing sales, which means leads, which means marketing and referrals.


There is no single marketing magic bullet, but rather a collection of lead generating tools, placements and strategy.  In a changing market, marketing can be a full-time job.  We know, we have staff dedicated to little else.


Effective marketing changes with economic conditions.  When the internet first appeared, the debate was do I need a site.  Today, you are not officially in business until your site is up.  More to the point in order to compete effectively your site has to compete for search space, with the search engines looking at over 100 distinct variables.  You need a sophisticated understanding of how to leverage the Internet.  We have and continue to develop tools and strategies that can help you not just rank well, but generate leads.


In fact, MARBLELIFE® grew leads by 15% per year between 2006 and 2018.  (In fact, we exceeded 20% in every year but one).  This has required the development of a variety of tools, placement strategies, mailing techniques and email marketing designed to reach our customers when they need us with the right message in a cost effective manner, so we can all grow.  Of course past performance is not a guarantee of future results, but given that these type results don’t just happen, it does provide guidance to the level of effort Marblelife invests in this area.


We can provide you with local sites, national site leads, postcards, business cards, brochures, invoices, calendars and email blasts as well as guidance on how and where to place them for best results.  These are not qualitative statements, but backed with data analysis and studies of each contact and interaction with the franchise.


Alan Mayr has been marketing to niche businesses for more than 20 years.  As a MARBLELIFE® franchise owner, his own operations have tested and continue to use a variety MARBLELIFE recommended strategies.  As such, one of your greatest advantages as a franchise is the fact that there is are ready-made tools and proven techniques to bring to bear based on actual experience, versus an advertising representatives sales pitch.  Further, every lead and call is tracked back to its source so we can make decisions based on facts, versus gut feel.


Our other marketing resources:

  • National MARBLELIFE Website
  • Local MARBLELIFE®Website
  • MARBLELIFE® Intranet: A convenient online center offering downloadable literature, MSDS, recommended policies, marketing tools, and other elements of frequently utilized tools.
  • MARBLELIFE® Mall – provides a summary of each nationally negotiated service provider or referral for a variety of services enabling you to quickly locate what you need.
  • MARBLELIFE® benchmark – Compare how your operation is performing against system benchmarks allowing you to assess areas for improvement and discussion you may never have even thought about.
  • Accounting/Data Management Tools – Standardized accounting and customer management allows quick comparison between offices, communication of mailing lists for corporate sponsored mailings.


Marketing tools, strategies and approaches differ based on the customer segment we are targeting, whether residential, hotel, hospital or office buildings.  They also differ based on whether we are seeking to communicate direct to the client or to our referral sources.  Why waste time exploring, creating, and testing new strategies when much of the investment and work has already been done, leaving you to simply implement.


Our marketing goals go beyond simply generating business today, but to build a brand presence nationally in which customers are confident.  When a customer calls MARBLELIFE regarding their property(s) they know they can expect the same on-time, quality service and beautiful results anywhere within the MARBLELIFE network.

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