Not a Service but a Business Providing the Appropriate Service Solutions

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Ceramic - Concrete - Granite - Marble - Porcelain - Travertine - Terrazzo - Vinyl - Wood


“We don’t just address the symptoms we aim to address the root cause, so its not just beautiful when we leave but RESOLVED.”


If there is a hard surface floor, there is a potential customer.  That means virtually every building in your market is a potential customer.  The question becomes where to focus, and what to offer first.


80% of your business can be expected to come from the residential market in your first year, however as your business matures hotels, hospitals, office buildings and industrial become a larger factor.  As long as people are walking on floors, floors are wearing and the need to maintain and restore them is ever present creating an ever increasing pool of MARBLELIFE customers and repeat business.


Residential clients are simply your first market.  Hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and industrial clients each have different needs, expectations and frequency.  How we approach them and the services we offer are tailored to their needs.


Our clients are careful about whom they allow in their properties and homes. In today’s world, one simply has to turn on the news to understand. Some in-home service employees are trustworthy, some aren’t. MARBLELIFE has a real advantage.  Our brand is well-known and highly rated on Yelp!, Google Places and review sites such as Angie’s List. Customers often choose us over the competition because they find public validation regarding our claims of quality service.  This is not luck, but by design.  Guidance on hiring, training, business systems, and policies all contribute to that well deserved recommendation.


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