Are you in the Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Stone Restoration, Wood Refinishing or Metal polishing or related business? 


Would you like to RAPIDLY expand your sales and earnings while reducing overhead and headaches? 


Are you stepping over dollars to get to pennies?   If you are not providing a full array of services, we can help and in doing so, enable you to rapidly expand per-customer sales and improve marketing efficiency.

Are you making less than $28/hr in your own business?  Because our craftsman will generate this level pay within a few months of training.  Imagine what our owners are generating?


Is your business making less than $240,000/yr?  Our AVERAGE Marblelife franchise makes this and this number is growing annually.  Even if you make more… consider how much more you could make if all you had to do was focus on sales and managing local operations? 

Are you building a job, a prison or a business?  Our owners understand that the ultimate goal is to build a business that can operate without their day-to-day involvement…unless they want to…and then in the area they enjoy working. 

Do you avoid projects that are too big, or customers that would require you to operate in multiple markets?  Imagine if tomorrow you knew you could leverage the resources of a national brand to help land those accounts, could assemble a team of well trained, well equipped, uniformed craftsman to handle the biggest projects, and could help you service regional and national accounts allowing you to make a sales margin on these sizeable opportunities.


Do you have the support resources to help you overcome problems, address new surfaces, or obstacles?  MARBLELIFE’s technical support and R&D can be reached 24x7 and can insert resources to ensure success. 

Do you finish the day in the field, knowing you have work to do now at home?


Are you losing jobs because your clients are going to voice mail or perceive you are a small operation?


Are you struggling to figure out how to make the internet and social media work for you?  Can you even hope to compete with a national companies resources when they can leverage new learnings and tools around the country and update all of their locations from a central point anytime an update is needed.  How can you compete with an organization that can see where Google is testing new algorithms before they go live, and update their sites before hand based on the observed test results so that their sites are ready ahead of the forecast changes.

Become a MARBLELIFE franchise and instantly you part of the largest hard surface restoration companies in the country, with more than 25 years of experience, and more experience on every possible metric than any competitor.



  • Plug into MARBLELIFE and your web optimization, marketing tool development and placement is automatic. 
  • Plug into MARBLELIFE and your phones can be answered, your appointments scheduled, with a team that knows the business. 
  • Plug into MARBLELIFE and you no longer have the risk of losing a key front office person and having to hire, train and hope they work out, versus eliminating this risk with our centralized team. 
  • Plug into MARBLELIFE and get updates on product development, service enhancements, productivity enhancing offerings, updated marketing trends and tools.
  • Plug into MARBLELIFE and get free training on demand allowing you to rapidly bring on a new craftsman without having to piecemeal training based on when the right job comes along.
  • Plug into MARBLELIFE and you can begin capturing all the work you are walking past to boost your efficiency and income.
  • Plus into MARBLELIFE and you can plug into proven marketing, accounting , technical support resources allowing you to focus on what makes you money - sales and local operations.

Why wouldn’t you leverage the fastest way to go from being in business to garnering the benefits of a business.   From building a job to building an organization that generates you income even if you are not there.


If you are interested in transitioning from BUILDING A JOB to BUILDING AN AREA DOMINANT BUSINESS capable of creating wealth then you owe it to yourself to consider joining MARBLELIFE.


Be aware area positions are limited.  We aim to cover the US without saturating a market.  We would rather invest with AN OWNER to build a dominant business than to over-commit to multiple people in the same market.  As such, don’t delay.  This is a decision and opportunity that can rapidly enhance your operations, your life and the attainment of your financial goals, while giving you back your time.


If you are interested Call us or complete the QUALIFICATION FORM and we will have one of our area Network Development Managers reach out to discuss your situation.

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We have operators with more than 20 years of experience that are looking to retire, and interested in transitioning their business to a new owner.  This is an excellent opportunity to step into an existing business with clients, craftsman and systems in place to accelerate your launch.