The Importance Of Trust… And How It Impacts Of Selection Process


The Marblelife Difference


There are good service providers and not-so-good.  We may not be able to change how another independent operates, but we take great pains to ensure our franchisees are delivering impeccable service.  Our franchise owners are selected because all indications are they will have the same quality drive and commitment we insist upon.


As service providers we work in people’s homes, commercial and industrial properties, often while families, employees and or customers are present.  With the Marblelife brand we instill trust, and demonstrate that we are worthy of receiving trust every day.  People utilize and refer others to MARBLELIFE® because we have a track record of delivering results in a timely,  polite manner that is not only professional but delights.


Customers look to brand/franchises like MARBLELIFE with the confidence that if something goes wrong locally, there is someone that will stand behind the outcome.  This simple truth enables MARBLELIFE to make guarantees that an independent simply cannot make.  If they damage a $200,000 floor, they file bankruptcy and disappear, whereas the franchisor stands in the gap to protect our brand and ensure the client receives what has been promised.  That makes our commitment stronger than anyone else in the industry.


We do not strive to see how many franchisees we can sell in one place, we strive to award a few select franchisees in a market that can carry the MARBLELIFE banner proudly to delight our customers and to solve their building problems.


Is that YOU?


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