Hardware Sales

Are you looking to expand your HARDWARE STORE sales?


MARBLELIFE has two programs that can make a SIGNIFICANT difference to your total sales.


Are you seeking to differentiate yourself from the BIG BOX competition?

Home Depot and Lowes are the bane of every local hardware store.


Differentiation has meant finding unique products and coupling with superior service.


Furthermore, as the big box stores add more SERVICES, MARBLELIFE can help you leverage some of the most popular services to expand stores sales by 30%.


Each of these programs aim to bring affluent customers into your store with products and services that will not just keep them coming back but provide solid reasons for strong referrals. 


The MARBLELIFE programs are supported by a local sales team that is in the market daily recommending your store and driving business to you. 


We have both a TRADITIONAL opportunity and an EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION opportunity.



The average hardware store sells $700,000 a year. 
An average MARBLELIFE hard restoration service business does $240,000 a year…and that is just the average. 


This would mean a 30% increase in sales if the only benefit was the incremental service sales, but the reality is each of these service sale is now a repeat care product purchaser of a line of MARBLELIFE products not available at the Big Box.… but can be available at your hardware store.


Everyone of your customer’s lives in a home, visits retail establishments and may work in yet another building.  In the course of a day, if you were to look at the floors you traverse you would see countless problems. 


If you have ever gone out to a restaurant, had a great meal, and then heard your significant other tell you were are never coming back here after visiting the rest room, you know the importance of floor appearances.  When the vast majority of issues are the result of repairable damage versus dirt one gets a sense of how much business is out there. 


A small instore kiosk can generate $1000/job versus $10 product sales, and then follow this up with a steady supply of repeat $10-20 care product purchases making your store a necessary destination, which means you are capturing the average ticket purchase. 
As we target the affluent, we are bringing in the clients with the highest disposable income.  These are the local owners of the larger homes, businesses and buildings in your neighborhoods.  The clients that bring in more than just one household’s purchase.  Virtually every home and building in America has a need for MARBLELIFE’s service and products.  Our marketing service marketing would double to bring a steady stream of clients into your store, based on need versus general geography.



MARBLELIFE provides the training, support, ongoing marketing, to quickly launch your new lines of service and products.  You need only provide a personable hands-on employee.  Your MARBLELIFE service provider will also become your salesforce.


Leverage your MARBLELIFE marketing to cross-market your store and you will have launched a powerful web and direct mail effort capable of generating independent stream of traffic.


When every client represents a significant service prospect, making a visit to their building becomes not just a profitable differentiator but something we want to do.  Now its not just about answering their questions but being able to send over a staff member to assess their situation, make a MARBLELIFE trained assessment and recommend the appropriate product or service.  Either way you have differentiated your service, radically expanded your marketing to provide a product and service not available through the local big box stores. 


Plug into your local hardware marketing co-operative and you can expand your MARBLELIFE services by extending coverage to include their stores.  They benefit from the same differentiation, but you benefit from the added service sales. 


Interested in learning more?  Reach out to us or complete the Qualification Form and we will reach out to you.

Marblelife Franchise Training And Support

Are you an Affluent Market HARDWARE Store?

Are you interested in expanding your sales by 30%?


Traditionally, expanding sales has been about optimizing $/sqft by selecting products that your local client wants and needs, coupled with a strategy to get them IN and the product OFF the shelf.  This has traditionally amounted to your newspaper circular and specials.  All this while seeking to differentiate from the area big box store leverage price to take share.


MARBLELIFE provides a proprietary line of floor care products and specialty repairs solutions that is differentiated in several ways.  When our line is end-cap featured, it has historically become one of the top 2 producing end-caps in the store. 


The demand for our product is derived from:


  1. Superior performance leading to repeat purchases
  2. Bolstered by the MARBLELIFE sales force operating in your market who are visiting affluent clients and business owners to assess and solve their floor and hard surface restoration needs and then referring them  to your store to secure their MARBLELIFE products.….after generally providing a $1000 in services.
  3. An educated consumer who fully appreciates the hidden costs associated with selecting an inappropriate cleaner which might look good initially, but is creating long term expensive restoration problems.



Consider this: 


20% of residential stone and tile restoration work performed by MARBLELIFE is a direct result of a client using an INAPPROPRIATE cleaner that has introduced either acid or wax to their surface. 


The typical service ticket to effect a repair average close to $1000.  So that $10 cleaner decision can result in a $1000 restoration bill. 


This is a strong reason why a MARBLELIFE service provider will seek out a store carrying MARBLELIFE products and become a consistent customer, and why each MARBLELIFE customer will stick to YOUR store. 


We do not sell the BIG BOX stores but rather seek to partner with the local hardware store because our clients favor service over price.  Our clients value their time over their money.  The want great service.



In a time when most cleaners are loading their products with wax in order to create a false shine, MARBLELIFE’s products are employed by restoration professionals seeking to rapidly repair and care for the client’s homes and buildings. 


MARBLELIFE can determine the suitability of this line for your store using our proprietary databases and software to assess demand based on client services. 

marblelife Franchise

What if there is already a
MARBLELIFE franchise supporting my market?



Excellent, then you already have a salesforce in your market promoting these products and building a clientele that is seeking a local supplier, as their alternative is to secure the products from the MARBLELIFE franchise or to purchase direct online. 

The online purchase comes with a freight bill that would make your store more cost-effective a source. 


The MARBLELIFE franchise is seeking to sell $1000 service tickets versus delivering $10 products, as such they would love to partner with you to become their referral point for clients interested and NEEDING the products to maintain their just-restored investments.


…and of course you know that customers rarely come in for a single product, so capturing the client’s re-occurring business greatly exceeds the draw product’s sales.


Working together product and service can not only rapidly expand service volume but better anchor valuable affluent high-discretionary income clients to your store.


 Interested in boosting your sales?


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