How Will COVID-19 Impact MARBLELIFE Sales

Is this a good time to get into business?


When is the best time to evaluate a potential partner or franchisor?  When everything is rosy or when the world is handing out lemons?  MARBLELIFE is in the business of turning lemons into lemonade, and you get can assess our success by simply asking our franchisees.  There has never been a better time to quickly assess the level of support of your prospective franchisor partner than when dealing with a crises such as Covid-19.


COVID-19 is clearly a tragedy, but as in all crisis heroes emerge based on how they respond to crisis.  Do they run away or run towards the problem.  Hide or seek to develop solutions?


As our name implies MARBLELIFE has been developing solutions for healthy buildings for more than 30 years.  The measure is how well do our solutions line up with the needs of property managers and building owners today – when consumer demand for building hygiene at its peak?  


MARBLELIFE operates based on facts.  Building surveys, secret shopper studies and reviews have been linked customer perception of building health to floor appearances for years.   MARBLELIFE responded.  Not after Covid-19, but well before Covid-19, developing and launching solutions that make buildings easier to clean, manage and disinfect.


Segments that were recticent about investing in building healthy systems are now clamoring for our services.  Restaurants, Hotels, Office Buildings, Fitness Centers are Retail all need to demonstrate how seriously they are taking building hygiene and maintenance.  MARBLELIFE offerings such as COLORSEAL, TileLOK and VinylGuard each serve to keep dirt, oil, bacteria and viruses on-top of the floor and grout where it can be more easily cleaned-sanitized-and removed.  MARBLELIFE’s honing procedures for homogenous surfaces such as marble, granite, concrete and terrazzo don’t just clean but remove the top layer of the surface and in so doing provide the cleanest possible surface – one that has never had an opportunity to be contaminated.


MARBLELIFE’s studies in black light, UV light and cleaner sciences are not being implemented with a client base that is ready and listening to how these sciences can assist them in enhancing their client’s safety and hygiene.


The best news of all, is that as a result of Covid-19 we will likely see building care changes that also address the flu and the common cold, resulting in a general improvement in health – once we defeat Covid-19.


When you speak with our franchise partner you will hear about active efforts and communications from MARBLELIFE corporate ranging from 

  • How to coordinate with government to maximize assistance, 
  • Launching new communications targeting the needs of restaurant owners, hotels and office managers now in need of solutions to enhance building health for those guests about to return.  
  • New literature, 
  • New web sections, 
  • New training, 
  • New disinfectants, 
  • New products were launched in days.
  • MARBLELIFE Clean-It-Forwardsm Program lead the way in showing people how to not just avoid Covid-19 but to take the battle to Covid-19
  • Thousands of emails communicating how MARBLELIFE could assist our clients were issued.


The net result, is that MARBLELIFE has been declared and essential business.  


Its when things get tough, that you get to determine who your partners really are.  We welcome your discussions with our franchise-partners.  


If you are looking for a business that plans on actively working to make the world a better place.  marbleLIFE has been doing it for 30 years.  Covid-19 represented an opportunity for MARBLELIFE to showcase solutions developed over the past thirty years tailor-made to assist in a situation such as this.  Covid-19 has elevated awareness of a need that was already present.  MARBLELIFE is happy to have solutions at the ready to assist a nation in need at this time.


Is this a good time to evaluate a business?  If you are looking to make a difference and want to understand whether your franchise-partner will assist you during the hard times – this is a great time to evaluate a business.  


Come talk to us, then talk to our current franchise partners.


MARBLELIFE’s business is driven by wear.  As long as the population is rising, people continue to walk on floors, and buildings continue to be built, the installed base, and the wear continue to rise in good economies or bad.  The fundamental need for our services continues to expand.  While no one can work during a stay-at-home order, this simply results in an increase in pent-up demand.  The order can be delayed but the amount of work continues to mount.


Add to this the dramatic increase in building health interest, and the resulting increase in service demand from restaurants, multi-tenant housing in the short term.  The increased interest in sanitization in addition to cleaning and the overall service demand if forecast to be very strong in the years to come. 


Covid19 is a curse, but it is a curse that we can help the world overcome.