Tile Installation Hiring

Are you a Tile Installer interesting in making some additional money?


Want to expand your business with a new lead source?


Interested in adding services that can round out your business? 


Consider the following:


Last year one office generated $70,000 in income for their associated tile installation partner representing 5% of their annual $1.4 million in sales.


There are at least two opportunities here:


1.) Coordinate with your local franchise to establish a stream of TILE INSTALLATION, SHOWER PAN, and GROUT REPLACEMENT opportunities.  Incremental sales. 


We have several offices seeking a tile installer as an employee or associated business partner in order to meet these client’s needs.


2.) Become a franchise and

  • convert your past customers into a new stream of ongoing revenue,
  • enjoy a more stable stream of leads and income in recessions or expansions.  When building slumps, tile installation demand falls.  Yet as long as you are installing floors the installed base of floors that we service continues to grow and with it the demand for services, so during a recession our demand just grows at a slower rate.  Get started with as little an investment as $50,000.

1.) Can’t afford to start your own business or purchase a franchise? 

We have a plan for that.  Ask about our MARBLELIFE MENTOR program

Many of our franchise owners are seeking key team members in order to expand their business into neighboring metro areas.  We are seeking talented team members capable of doing the work, selling and managing.  This person will start by mastering the MARBLELIFE skills and sales as the MARBLELIFE implements its proprietary marketing tools.  This person will be able to secure 25% sweat equity ownership in the new market while generating profit sharing bonuses along with productivity pay.  As the local team is expanded they will transition from craftsman to sales to management.  This provides a low cost path to business ownership, with the support of a well established partner capable of providing immediate resources making it possible to go after the largest projects and national accounts knowing that you can staff the project with the best trained hard restoration craftsman in the industry.  This allows each office to break out of the gradual growth model of an independent office and target accounts of all sizes.



Are you interested in fast-tracking to ownership? 

This may be the program that allows you to marry your work ethic with the professional support and training needed to rapidly build a new business, while extending the largest network of hard surface restoration professionals in the country.


marblelife Franchise



Tile installation is a nobel profession that translates an empty space into a useable well decorated finished building.  Unfortunately, project flow can be seasonal and is susceptible to building trends.  The halt of new building in 2008-2009 brought this home for many in the building trades professions.  As builders, tile installers and fabricators struggled with minimal new building permits being pulled, this only translated to a speed bump for MARBLELIFE who is focused on restoring and maintaining the installed base of hard surfaces.


Consider this:  A decline in building permits simply translates into slower growth of our installed base to maintain, but it is still growth.  As such adding a MARBLELIFE franchise operation to your tile installation business would have enabled you to transition your sales efforts from builders to restoration-and-maintenance markets.


Furthermore, every time you install a floor you have built a client who will need downstream maintenance support.  Furthermore, your list of installed clients represents an excellent starting point for your restoration and maintenance service business.

Wherever you are in life,
as a tile installer
MARBLELIFE can help you get to the next level.



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You want to get ahead, and we have demand in excess of our current network capacity.  Together we can both grow and meet that demand.


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